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Business Solutions for Companies that give a sh*t

Going digital is important NOW more than ever before

How are you pivoting your business model to adapt quickly?

We are here to help.

SWTCH HOUSE is a collective of serial entrepreneurs, creatives, business giants, misfits and risk takers dedicated to helping your business make some f*cking noise


What We Offer

Brand & Identity Discovery

Graphic / Web Design

Content Writing

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Aerial Drone Services


Brand & Identity Discovery

Discover what your brand means to you, your customers and your environment. Establish a clear vision and a clear set of deliverables to bring your brand to life.

Graphic / Web Design

Lean on our network of graphic designers and developers to bring your brand to life.

Content Writing

Your business is only as strong as the words you use to describe it. Take full advantage of our team's expertise to make every word count

Digital Marketing

Your brand, your business, your future relies on getting your message out there. Let our award winning specialists bring your vision to the forefront.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers some of the best ROI on your marketing efforts and provides the benefit of easily measured results. Whether you're looking for help with putting together your strategy, finding Instagram influencers that compliment your brand, running targeted ads or you just want all of your social media managed for you so you can focus on what you do best - our team has you covered.

Aerial Drone Services

From remote resort locations, lifestyle to urban land developments, industrial, construction, oil & gas projects and beyond. Capture your business and/or projects from above in a safe and cost-effective way.With over 6 years of drone operation experience, we fly under a Pilot certificate – Advanced Operation and operate within Transport Canada’s and Nav Canada’s regulations.


Establishing a strong presence online is more often than not roadblocked by the lack of high quality photos. Our team of talented photographers are here to help establish strong and consistent imagery for your business.

Brands We've Worked With

How It Works

Strategy Session

We listen to exactly what your business needs and we make sure you get directed to the right source.

Choose a method

  • 1-1 Strategy
  • Direct Freelance Referral
  • Project Management


Get a qualified proposal within 24 hours that includes reviews and prior work validation

Payment and Start

Up front pricing with no surprises. A deposit is processed. Work begins and open dialogue continues.

What Are You Waiting For!

Book a 1 hour strategy session with us where we will:

  • ✓ Cover a single issue and come up with an actionable plan
  • ✓ Provides tactical strategy on your current needs
  • ✓ We offer you access to our group of world class free-lancers
  • ✓ Provide a detailed report of what we spoke about
  • ✓ Includes a complete detailed proposal following the call
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How We Do It

Being entrepreneurs ourselves we have gone through the challenges and frustrations of dealing with less than average freelancers that have talked a big game but not delivered! We remove all of that risk and connect you with only the best talent to get your job done right, on-time and on-budget. Finally...no more money/time wasted trying to find qualified professionals to help you with a certain aspect of your business.

A lead Consultant

Our lead consultants have been in the shoes of many small business owners time after time. With experience in building, growing and selling businesses they have the skill set to help you succeed.

A group of verified freelancers

Our team of freelancers are each rigorously tested and approved to guarantee strong results for all of our clients. We look after the vetting process and we pair your business needs with an expert that will exceed your expectations.

Team of business masters

From Lawyers, Accountants, Human Resource Specialists and other advisors, we’re here to help you take the guesswork out of those complicated business moments that are bound to happen from time to time.


Are you running a startup? Are you looking for a path to your highest potential? Do you need help working out a quick problem or looking to dive deep into something needing expert attention? We empower entrepreneurs to succeed by helping them roll up their sleeves with designing and building disruptive businesses with lean start up methodologies and proven best practices. Get in touch with us anytime to simply talk shop, work out a quick problem or dive deeper into something needing expert attention.

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