Our Team’s Favourite Music for Productivity

As a team, music is important to us. The vibe of the office can shift drastically depending on the music that is on. Music can also encourage creativity and help us all stay productive. Listening to music can also reduce stress, stimulates memories and eases pain. Some types of music seem to help with learning and improve our ability to process information.

So, if you’re struggling with productivity and want to know what you should be listening to, read on:

Reggae Music

Listening to reggae is relaxing but keeps us upbeat and positive. We feel this music comforting, and inspiring. It is also interesting and can be used in a form of protest but it is also extremely positive, and spiritually uplifting.

Some of our go-to reggae songs:

  • The Tide Is High by The Paragons
  • Three Little Birds by Bob Marley And The Wailers
  • Many Rivers To Cross by Jimmy Cliff

Classic Rock

You really can’t go wrong with classic rock. It is easy to throw on and everyone seems to enjoy it. Classic rock to us reminds us of freedom of expression, pure unadulterated joy, creative spirit. It also can be intense and energetic, so putting it on a low volume in the morning is key.

Some of our go-to classic rock songs:

  • Hotel California by The Eagles
  • American Girl by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  • Hound Dog by Elvis Presley

Ambient Electronic

If you like electronic music in the background but want to go with a bit softer version, ambient electronic is easy to throw on and keeps you in the zone.

Some of our go-to ambient electronic songs:

  • Lane 8 by Road feat. Arctic Lake
  • Heart by OTR feat. Shallou
  • After All by Luttrell

We hope this helps keep you and your team productive and upbeat while the workweek goes on. Since we do a lot of social media marketing, having music to keep us concentrated and inspired is important. 

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