Blue Water Concepts

Blue Water Concepts

Blue Water Concepts is a marketing management client of SWTCH HOUSE. We started working with them and managing their marketing efforts back in mid-October 2020.

Before touching their website, the SH team started by taking a deep dive into their business. We wanted to understand who their ideal clients were, so we put together some competitive analyses and target audience profiles. We then started upgrading their social media strategy and ad campaigns as well as looking at their current SEO/AdWords campaigns.

Then we dove into the website overhaul! The owner, Mike’s, biggest frustration was their out-dated and very cluttery website. He didn’t feel it showed off their beautiful work or their talented team. We engaged one of our top web designers, Colby. After a few strategy zoom calls – we had a plan, and Mike was stoked on it!

Mike wanted clean yet bold and easy navigation. Blue Water Concepts is amazing at what they do and we needed to make sure that showing off thier work was the focal point of the website.

Luckily, Mike makes sure he gets before and after pictures of each project they take on so we had a lot of beautiful photography content for the website.

We directed a team photoshoot for their team page and social media #MeetTheTeam posts to ensure we got exactly what we were envisioning.



Blue Water Concepts


December 2020


Marketing Management, Design, Marketing, Web Development, Social Media Management, SEO/AdWords