Teal, the owner of TEAG + GRAY, originally reached out to chat about social media services. She said, “I just love how bold you guys are, and I like bold.” We had a meeting set for an evening after she closed up. Upon arrival, Teal came to unlock the door in tears, saying, “sorry girls, I sent a text that something came up.”

We left hoping everything was ok. A few hours later, we got a call from her saying, “Ok, I think I need you more than I realized!” She had received a cease and desist letter from another BC-based shop that wanted her to stop using her previous store name. We were not involved in her initial branding, but we were thrilled that she chose to work with us on her re-brand. We had to move quickly; she had just opened her doors, and the cease and desist letter gave her 30 days to get things sorted out.

At this point, she had only been open for two weeks and had poured her heart + soul into it. Opening a higher-end boutique in downtown Squamish was already a risk + investment for her family. So, Teal decided that she would put her energy into a re-brand instead of fighting the cease + desist.

The whole idea of re-branding was emotional for Teal. We learned a lot about her in our brand brainstorm meetings; how she and her husband moved their beautiful family to Whistler, then their move to Squamish, and how her dream of having a boutique became a reality.

The first round of brand names + concepts didn’t resonate with Teal. One evening Robyn + Nate, the SWTCH HOUSE Founders were sitting at home, and Nate said he really liked Teal + Cory’s daughter’s names – Teagan and Graysen.

The next day our Art Director came up with some TEAG + GRAY concepts which we really loved because we felt like the simplistic design and the sophistication of the chosen fonts really looked like a high-end clothing brand label! We were excited to share with Teal. She liked it all! But said she needed to run it by her daughters to make sure they were ok with their names being used.

The girls were in; they even made post-it note contracts they signed and gave to their mom (are you crying, ’cause we are!).

TEAG + GRAY was the new name! The branding was sophisticated yet meaningful and we gotta say it looks so classy on her store signage!

SWTCH HOUSE also manages the Instagram marketing for TEAG + GRAY.